Advanced Adobe Illustrator Training

Master the advanced capabilities of Adobe Illustrator with this 2-day, hands-on, Adobe Certified Instructor led class

The Illustrator Advanced Course is a great way to extend your knowledge beyond the day-to-day uses for Adobe Illustrator. In this course you will discover how to use and create custom brushes, gain efficiency with Graphic Styles and more! This is a fun and exciting exploration of the features you may have avoided or wondered how to incorporate into your workflow.

Each hands-on exercise in class provides three levels of instruction:

  • Students will understand how to take this particular type of project (flyer, newsletter, etc) from initial design to delivery of final product
  • Students will use the correct Illustrator features needed to create this project to the highest professional standards
  • Students will learn the design principles relevant to the project

Who should attend this class?

This class is for experienced users. If you use Illustrator on a daily basis and feel comfortable navigating and creating complex documents but want to handle tricker projects this course is for you.

C2’s Adobe Illustrator Class or the equivalent amount of experience with Illustrator
  • 12 hours of hands on training – 9am to 4pm both days
  • 100% custom training content exclusive to C2
  • USB Flash drive with all class files
  • Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a book provided as homework (we do not use the Adobe book for any class exercises)
  • 1 year of email tech support
  • 1 year free retake policy
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
Class Outline by Topic


  • Brushes Palette
  • Artistic Brushes
  • Calligraphic Brushes
  • Scatter Brushes
  • Brush Options
  • Pattern Brushes
  • Creating brushes
  • Scribble Effect


  • The Effect Menu
  • Stylize effects
  • Editing effects using the appearance palette
  • Transforming effect
  • Drop shadows
  • Feathering art
  • Glows
  • Bloat and pucker
  • Roughen
  • Twisting
  • Ziz-zagging


  • Gradient tool
  • Blending command
  • Blending tool
  • Modifying blends
  • Combining blends and gradients


  • Perspective Drawing Grid
  • Resolution Independent Effects
  • Pattern Creator
  • Graphing tools


  • Creating a 3-D Object
  • Creating true 3D perspective
  • Extruding objects
  • Beveling objects
  • Rotating (lathing) objects
  • Mapping artwork to 3-D Objects
  • 3-D Examples
  • Creating 3D reference art
  • Downloading existing art

Advanced path control

  • Joining
  • Separating
  • Offsetting
  • Closing
  • Simplifying paths
  • Outlining paths and objects
  • Advanced point control
  • Cleaning up stray points
  • Altering points with numeric precision
  • Averaging and distributing points
  • Selection & Anchor preferences

Time saving techniques

  • Blending to create multiple objects
  • Transform Effect to create multiple objects
  • Keyboard shortcuts for rapid production
  • Making your own templates
  • Third-party artwork and templates

Using illustrator with other programs

  • AI and Photoshop
  • AI and Bridge
  • AI and Video
  • AI and InDesign
  • AI and Flash/Multimedia

Prepress Illustrator

  • Separations and Separations Preview Panel
  • Converting colors
  • Exporting for print
  • Overprinting and rich blacks
  • Making die cuts

Automation and scripting

  • Variables panel for mass production
  • Third-party scripts and plugins
  • Controlling Illustrator with Javascript

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Helpful information and shortcuts I wish I would have learned years ago!
Julie S.

Graphic Designer

The topics presented were very helpful for future projects that I will be working on. I learned some new tips and tricks to do my work more effectively
Stacy H.

Graphic Designer

Great prep for the class ahead of time. Covered topics requested in a timely manner.
Adam F.