Adobe InDesign Foundations Training

Get up and running with Adobe InDesign with this 2 day, hands-on, Adobe Certified Instructor-led class

Adobe InDesign is the graphics industry’s premiere tool for designing, assembling and outputting both printed and digitally delivered material. Students in this class will learn the design features, tools, methods and best practices for creating layouts for newsletters, brochures, instructional manuals, books, simple catalogs, flyers, posters and postcards.

Each hands-on exercise in class provides three levels of instruction:

  • Students will understand how to take this particular type of project (flyer, newsletter, etc) from initial design to delivery of final product
  • Students will use the correct InDesign features needed to create this project to the highest professional standards
  • Students will learn the design principles relevant to the project

Who should attend this class?

This class is designed for the absolute beginner, the self-taught InDesign user, Quark, Pagemaker and Microsoft Word users who are converting to InDesign and anyone who needs a solid, professional, practical understanding of InDesign’s wide range of capabilities.


Basic understanding of your preferred computer operating system (Mac or Windows). No previous experience with Adobe InDesign necessary.
  • 12 hours of hands on training – 9am to 4pm both days
  • 100% custom training content exclusive to C2
  • USB Flash drive with all class files
  • Adobe InDesign Classroom in a book provided as homework (we do not use the Adobe book for any class exercises)
  • 1 year of email tech support
  • 1 year free retake policy
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
Class Outline by Topic


  • Working in the measurement system of your choice
  • Overview of InDesign’s panels, tools and menu items
  • Navigating through InDesign
  • Where things hide: Layers, Master Pages, Styles
  • Overview of page layout process
  • Important keyboard shortcuts


  • Creating a new document
  • Saving document presets
  • Working with guides and rulers
  • Choosing document intent


  • Text Frames
  • Placeholder text
  • Frames & the control panel
  • Creating multiple columns
  • Threading & unthreading text
  • Placing text from a file
  • Basic character formatting
  • Basic paragraph formatting
  • Spell check


  • What is a style?
  • Basic Paragraph Styles
  • Basic Character Styles
  • Loading styles
  • Find/change text
  • Eyedropper


  • Graphic formats for InDesign
  • Graphics and Frames
  • Fitting Options and scaling graphics
  • Working with Links
  • Clipping path options
  • Text Wrap


  • What are RGB colors, CMYK colors and spot colors
  • When to use RGB colors, CMYK colors and spot color
  • Filling objects and type with color
  • Adding strokes to objects and text


  • Outputting PDFs for print, email and web
  • Packaging your file for distribution


  • Keep Options
  • Drop Caps
  • Span/Split Columns
  • Finding and Replacing Fonts
  • Text Import Options
  • Text Frame Options
  • Eyedropper


  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Opentype Fonts
  • Glyphs Panel
  • Fractions
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Hyphenation


  • Creating Paragraph & Character Styles
  • Basing Paragraph Styles
  • Working with Nested/GREP Styles
  • Quick Apply


  • Resized Graphics and Resolution
  • Linkings Panel Options
  • Object Layer Options
  • Import Options
  • Multiplace
  • Frame Fitting Options
  • Captions


  • Gradients
  • Tint Swatches
  • Ink Manager
  • Sharing Swatches Between Applications
  • Eye Dropper
  • Tinted Photos


  • Techniques
  • Naming and Locking Objects
  • Paste Remembers Layers
  • Stacking Order

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This was my first time here and I was so impressed with the facility and instructor. I couldn’t believe how fast the day went!
Jennifer J.

Mission Advancement Associate

This course was excellently customized for each student’s ability- the instructor knew us before we even started the class! This made the process easy, and efficient to learn as much as possible in a short time.
Amy U.

Marketing/ Social Media Specialist

This class was a great starting point and I can’t wait to take the next session. I feel that this was a very easy to follow class and the instructor was very informative and funny 🙂
Angie K.

Production Designer