C2’s Advanced Adobe Photoshop Training

Master the advanced capabilities of Photoshop with this 2 day, hands-on, Adobe Certified Instructor led class

C2’s Photoshop Advanced Training takes your skills to the next level. Master Camera Raw to pull the most information from professionally shot images, learn to use smart objects, smart filters and layer comps to easily create fluid, editable designs, do quick and simple video editing utilizing Photoshops filters, edit, paint and export 3D artwork and more! This class is great for professional users who need to expand their acumen and capabilities.

Each hands-on exercise in class provides three levels of instruction:

  • Students will understand how to take raw images and convert them to publication quality final images
  • Students will learn how to use the right Photoshop tool to solve image problems
  • Students will learn the design principles relevant to the final Photoshop creation

Who should attend this class?

This class is for Photoshop users who want to graduate to power users. If you want to up your game and take it to the next level, then this is your class.

C2’s Photoshop Foundations class or the equivalent real-world experience. If you have any questions about which class is right for you, contact us by email, phone or use our contact form.
  • 12 hours of hands on training – 9am to 4pm both days
  • 100% custom training content exclusive to C2
  • USB Flash drive with all class files
  • Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a book provided as homework (we do not use the Adobe book for any class exercises)
  • 1 year of email tech support
  • 1 year free retake policy
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
Class Outline by Topic

Working With Camera Raw

  • Comparing common camera raw formats
  • Editing camera raw files
  • Smart Object vs. flattened files
  • More photo corrections tricks and tips
  • Correction common lens distortions

Text In Photoshop

  • Adding text in Photoshop
  • Compositing text with exisiting art

Advanced Layers

  • Cropping in perspective
  • Faking a sepiatone image
  • Effects with layers
  • Adding realism to your comp

Photoshop Channels

  • Channels in Photoshop
  • Creating a true duotone in Photoshop
  • Outputting a two channel image

Panoramic Images And Blending

  • Panoramic Photos Folder
  • Creating a panoramic photo
  • Blending Layers

Filters And Effects

  • Vanishing point perspective
  • Smart Filters
  • Photoshop Filter Gallery
  • Creating Artistic Effects

Photoshop Video

  • Importing video to Photoshop Timeline Panel
  • Transitions
  • Editing Video
  • Rendering Video from Photoshop

Content Aware Options

  • Content Aware Scale
  • Content Aware Fill

Puppet Warp

  • Creating and loading paths

3D Objects

  • Creating a basic 3D shape
  • Importing a 3D object
  • Editing a 3D object in Photoshop

Fashion Beauty retouching

  • Frequency separation retouching technique
  • Burn/Dodge pores
  • Stray hair cleanup
  • Removing Fabric folds
  • Fashion / art Image styling
  • Noir and artistic black and white conversions
  • Toning and gradient maps
  • Vintage and retro filtering
  • Fading, flaring and filtering
  • Distressing, grain and adding texture
  • Making cinemagraphs
  • Abstract art with filters

Prepress/advanced print skills

  • Loading and using printer profiles
  • Correcting images by number
  • Previewing and soft-proofing for press
  • Plain black, rich black and overprinting
  • Spot color separations
  • Dot gain control
  • Removing moire
  • Creating true duotone images

Advanced sharpening techniques

  • Smart sharpen and Unsharp Mask
  • Sharpen with multiple channels
  • Sharpen in LAB color mode
  • Non-destructive smart filter sharpening

Multimedia and web content

  • Creating icon sets
  • Creating infographic style art
  • Layout a web site comp
  • Layout a mobile app comp with artboards

Advanced Bridge and Lightroom

  • Creating multiple versions of images
  • Metadata best practices
  • Lightroom for image management
  • The advanced tabs in camera raw
  • Creating slideshows and presentations
  • Creating books in Lightroom

Automating Photoshop

  • Advanced Actions
  • Automation workflows
  • Third-party automation plugins
  • Scripting Photoshop with javascript

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Love C2 Training! I always walk away with great ideas.
Nancy J.


I am rusty and needed to be brought back up to speed. Feel refreshed and learned many basics that I didn’t know I needed!
Monica B.

Graphic Designer

Well organized and gave practical examples that I can apply to my work.
Andrea K.

Senior Electronic Communications