Blender 3D for motion graphics 5-Day Online Zoom Class (Afternoons 1pm-4pm) May 1st-5th 2023


Monday, May 1st thru Friday, May 5th 2023

  • 1pm to 4pm all 5 days
  • Instructor-led online class using Zoom (Live class, not prerecorded)
  • Training by an instructor with 10 years of 3D experience and 20 years experience with motion graphics
  • 1 year of email tech support
  • 1 year free retake policy

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Seats Still Available

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This class is for graphic artists who are ready to make the jump to 3-D, it starts with the absolute basics. There's never been a better time to learn how to create 3D content. The free Blender software package has grown into a professional level tool over the last 20 years and is used for professional 3D content creation in many industries. This 15 hour course focuses on Blender's node-based procedural tools to create 3D motion graphics.

This introductory level class will cover the basics of creating procedural geometry in the Blender software with an emphasis on creating motion graphics. Students will learn how to navigate the Blender interface, create and manipulate procedural geometry using the node editor, add motion to scenes and detail with materials and textures. Learn to create a short motion graphics pieces using the animation and lighting tools. By the end of the class, students will have a solid foundation in using procedural geometry in Blender for motion graphics.


  • Introduction to Blender and its interface
  • Overview of procedural geometry and its benefits for motion graphics
  • Setting up a project and creating a basic scene
  • Using the Blender node editor to create and manipulate procedural geometry
  • Using the Blender animation tools to add motion to procedural geometry
  • Introduction to keyframes and the Blender dope sheet
  • Using materials and textures to add detail and realism to procedural geometry
  • Creating and animating cameras in a scene
  • Adding and animating lights
  • Final project: creating a short motion graphics piece using procedural geometry in Blender