JavaScript Foundations 5-Day Online Zoom Class (Afternoons 1pm-4pm) June 26th-30th 2023


Monday, June 26th thru Friday June 30th 2023

  • 1pm to 4pm all five days
  • Live instructor
  • In-classroom Instructor with 30 years of web development experience
  • 1 year of email tech support
  • 1 year free retake policy

Full Class Details Here

Seats Still Available

Send multiple students to class on the same invoice and save! 4%-12% discount on multiple seats.


We designed this class to be the friendliest possible introduction to programming in JavaScript for anyone — web designers, product  managers, teachers. Just how much JavaScript can new students learn in 5 days? Enough that motivated students can continue their education at their own pace having gained a solid foundation of the basics; experienced web designers can start adding custom interactivity to their pages immediately and edit other programmers code more confidently; managers who attend will gain familiarity with the terminology and process of programming, giving them a better understanding of their team member’s struggles and needs; experienced coders or teachers with an interest in conveying their knowledge to non-coders would also benefit from attending this class.